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Cookery Books

An incredible collection of cookery books. Over 1.500 books and over 100.000 recipes. Best cooking recipes of French, Italian, Mediterranean, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Tibetan cuisine. There are also Singaporean, American, British, Mexican, Turkish, Indian, African cuisine. Well then vegetarian, vegan, sugar free, detox, keto, fish, salads, ice cream, barbecue and grilling, pizza, cocktail, and much, much more wonderful recipes… Become a Master Chef at Home with This cooking Package! Size :138 GB

photography books

Photography Books

Fantastic collection of over 1,000 photography books. Learn everything you need to Become A Master. The package is perfect for beginners, semi-professionals and professionals. All about wedding and event photography , landscape, wildlife, underwater, nature photography , travel, street, outdoor, black and white photography, close up and macro, portrait, food, sports, bird, nude, glamour, drone, smartphone, stock photography… How to shoot manually, ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture, Lighting, Night Sky, HDR, Focus and Filter, DSLR for dummies,Tips To Make You Look lIke A Pro, and much,much more… After purchasing this package, surely you will know How To Make Money With Photography ! Size : 98 GB

image with text " it's all about sex"

Sex Books

An amazing collection of 300 books about sex education. How To Become Mister Super, Goodbye Premature Ejaculation, Kama Sutra For Beginners, Secrets Of The Best Poses, SeX Tips For Him And Her, Rare Oral Sex Techniques, G-spot, What Women Want Men To Know About Taking Control In The Bedroom, Maraton Sex, The No-Fail Technique, Porn Star Secrets of Sex, Sex Games, Tantric Massage, The Female Ejaculation Black Book, Undercover Sex Signals and much, much more… Learn Everything You Need To Become A Perfect Lover. Size : 38 GB

person working on laptop showing photoshop logo

Photoshop Books

Photoshop Education Collection. Everything You Need To Learn Photoshop. Over 300 books The Best Of. From Beginner To Master, Step By Step. Retouch photographs like a professional. Create postcard and posters. Resize images. Build a flyer and 3D logo. Fix the colors in photographs. Change eye and hair colors. Remove people and objects from images. Create an image by combining 3 different images. Photoshop for dummies. Build animations for social media. Retouch a face to move pimples and freckles. Enchance eyes in your photogrphs. Whiten teeth. Enlarge images without distortion. Understand the differences between different image file formats. Master text tools to create beautiful designs. How to adjustments layer, smart filters, healing tool and use it for creative art works. Master Adobe Camera Raw filter to create outstanding looks for your photos. Make creative photo collage. Make fantastic photomontages. Photoshop Lightroom. Photoshop Elements, And much much more... When you have this collection, you don't need a teacher anymore. Start Earning money from your Photoshop skills. Size : 31 GB

image of digital camera

Photography Video Courses

100 Courses Of Learning Photography. Amazing Collection ! From Beginner To Pro ! Understanding Your Camera, Shoot Manual, ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed, Photography Masterclass, Color Theory, Landscape, Panoramas, Blurry Backgrounds, Street Photography, Astrophotography, Drone, Smartphone Photography, Food And Drink, B & W, Wedding, Macro Photo, Instagram, Night Time, Portrait, Timelapse, Travel Photography, Composition, White Balance And Much, Much, More.. This courses will take you From Beginner To Expert and will teach you How To Make Money With Photography In Many Way ! Size : 330 GB

adobe photoshop tutorial marketing image

Photoshop Video Courses

150 Courses Of Learning Adobe Photoshop. No prior knowledge or experience with Photoshop is required. This Package Is Designed To Take You From An Absolute Beginner To A Super Designer ! Essential And Advanced Training. You will be able : create social media post images for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, design icons and business card, create posters, build a flyer, build multiple advertising banners, build 3D logo, build mockups, retouch photographs like a professional, create a double exposure, remove people or objects from photos, clean up face imperfections, improve and repair photos, replace ugly skies with new blue skies, change colors of a flower and dress, edit video in Photoshop, learn useful keyboard shortcuts, create photomontage, remove dust & scratches from an old photograph, change yellow teeth to white teeth, retouch an overweight person to make the appear slim and much more... Fantastic Collection ! All In One Place ! After studying this package, you will be able to add Photoshop to your CV and start getting paid for your skills. It's finally time to make money from home ! Size 980 GB !

adobe premiere logo

Adobe Premiere

50 best video courses Of Learning Adobe Premiere. Essential and Advanced training. This package is for anyone who wants learn to edit videos (wedding, birthdays, documentary, interview, social network, drone video...) and for anyone who has started working with Adobe Premiere, but want to advance their editing and design skills. From Beginer To Pro ! All In One Place ! After studying this package, you wil be able to : use Adobe Premiere professionally, learn the best tricks and settings, find free music & video, import, edit and export videos, add audio and visual effects and create professional transitions, add motion, graphics and subtitles, apply color correction to fix issues with white balance and exposure, apply color grading, using LUTs and Looks, apply visual effects to stabilizing shaky video and making video more cinematic, making your computer to running at warp speed using proxies, work with HD & 4K video, work with high frame rate, work with B-Roll, adapt video content for social networks, edit videos for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and become a popular editor. You will be able to work remotely with clients around the world. Invest in your knowledge and start earning several thousand dollars a month. Make Money From Your Home! Size : 220 GB

image of a white painted church

Spiritual Christian Orthodox Music

200 Carefully Selected Albums Of Christian Orthodox Music From All Over the World. Serbian, Greek, Russian, Arabic, Mount Athos, Vatoped, Simono Petra, Valaam… Amazing Collection ! True Spiritual Treasure ! Size : 27 GB

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